~The studio runs from September thru June~

PLEASE NOTE: *Students will be assessed on ability and accomplishment of certain expectations before being invited to participate in a higher level of training. Most students will remain in the same class for at least 2 years. BPDS levels are not always dictated by age and do not coincide with academic grade levels or other dance school programs. We try to keep our program consistent with worldwide expectations and age appropriate development for each individual student. Our evaluations will be done at the end of the dance year.


Studio A

4-4:45pm     Acro L1

5:00-6:00pm      Acro L4

6:15-7:30pm     Acro L6

7:30-8:45pm     Acro L7

Studio B

4-4:30pm     30 minute combo L1

4:45-5:15pm      30 minute combo L2

5:30-6:15pm     45 minute combo L1

6:30-7:30pm     Fuse Fit (BPDS Fitness)

8-9:30pm     Adults 


Studio A

4:00-5:00pm     Acro L3

5:15-6:30pm      Acro L5

6:45-7:15pm     Beginner Contemporary

Studio B

4:00-5:00pm     1 hour combo L2

5:15-6:45pm      1 hour 30 min combo L1

7:00-8:30pm     Ballet technique


Studio A

4:00-4:45pm     Ballet 

4:45-5:15pm      Jazz

5:15-5:45pm     Contemporary

5:45-6:15pm     Tap 

6:15-6:45pm     Pre-pointe/Pointe

6:45-7:30pm     Ballet

7:30-8:00pm     Contemporary

8:00-8:30pm     Jazz 

8:30-9:00pm     Tap

Studio B

4:00-4:45pm     Acro L2

5:00-5:30pm      Hip Hop L1

5:45-6:15pm     Hip Hop L2

6:30-8:30pm     Company rehearsals 


Studio A

4:00-4:45pm     Hip Hop L3

5:00-5:45pm     Hip Hop L4

6:00-6:45pm     Hip Hop L5

7:00-7:45pm     Hip Hop L6

Studio B

4:15-5:15pm     Company Rehearsals

5:30-8:30pm     Company Rehearsals


Studio A

4:00-5:30pm     1 hour 30 min combo L2

5:45-6:15pm     Ballet (intermediate)

6:15-6:45pm     Jazz (intermediate)

6:45-7:15pm     Tap (intermediate)

7:15-7:45pm     Contemporary (intermediate)

Studio B

4:00-5:00pm     1 hour combo L1

5:15-5:45pm      Beginner Tap

6:00-6:45pm     45 minute combo L2


Studio A

9-9:30am     30 minute combo L1

9:45-10:15am      30 minute combo L2

10:30-11:15am     45 minute combo L1

11:30-12:15pm      45 minute combo L2

12:45-1:45pm     1 hour combo L2

2:00-3:30pm      Company Rehearsals 

Studio B

9:15-10:45am     1 hour 30 min combo L1

11:00-12:30pm      1 hour 30 min combo L1

1:00-1:30pm     Ballet (intermediate)

1:30-2:00pm     Jazz (intermediate)

2:00-2:30pm     Tap (intermediate)

2:30-3:00pm     Contemporary (intermediate)